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What to take out of this season? We started this year with some fresh blood, kits and bikes. We fought for wheels with some of the best competition in the nation. I love the cycling community you give us so much life. I hope that Jack & Adams Racing Team gave back that love to the masses.  We appreciate you. Everyone that reads this blog, that cheers for us at races, drinks beers and eats meals with us. We appreciate our sponsors, who made this whole season possible. Without the … [Read More...]

Tour De Austin Recap

A quick compulsory shout out to everyone's favorite Austin race promoter, Andrew Willis of Holland Racing. He's brought us the best weekly crit series in the nation, and Labor Day weekend he brought the best 3 day crit weekend in Texas. Michael Sheehan, resident Honey Badger alongside Colin Strickland started the p/1/2 race with some heavy competition. Andrew Dalheim- Bissel Pro Cycling brought down his Kiwi Teammate Patrick Bevin, who won three of the Redlands Classic stages this year. … [Read More...]

Georgetown Grand, Tulsa Tough, Nationals, and the big picture.

Glorious. A word I've been using a lot lately. It's described my first sunrise ride of the year (yes, i'm not a morning person anymore). The state of my bike, and how this Alchemy is the best I've ever ridden. And it describes this year up to date for Jack and Adams Racing. I couldn't of imagined a better year for us. Michael Sheehan continues to succeed at every race we go to against insane odds. Colin Strickland makes magic happen off the front with his insanely high pain tolerance. New … [Read More...]

Our Own Kevin McRee in Austin Fit Magazine

Fellow teammate and J&A employee Kevin McRee writes a piece for Austin Fit Magazine on the importance of core strength for cyclist. You can read it on Austin Fit Magazine's website. Kevin McRee has been practicing bike fitting for over five years. After suffering severe trauma to both legs in 2006, he developed an interest in biomechanical limitations and how they relate to cycling. He has lived in Austin and worked at Jack & Adam’s Bicycles for the last two years. Kevin is … [Read More...]

Know your role

Thursday's May 3, 2012 Pure Austin Driveway was the first of the Miller64 Days of Summer Mini Series. Colin, Michael, Wes and I have been slowly becoming a more rounded, and successful team since the beginning of this racing season, and this driveway definitely proved it. With the best bike series in the nation, and the fastest tuesday nighter in Texas, (sorry every other city)We get lots of practice. Colin Strickland, Michael Sheehan, and I all raced on CREDO racing (Ghisallo Racing) last … [Read More...]

Strava Action